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This is the hardest part of building a website, for me at least. Talking about me. But here goes...
I'm in Adelaide and started photography about 15 years ago when my wife bought me a camera. Up until that time I'd been a sports person, surfing, martial arts and soccer. But inside I always had this desire to create stuff, to be creative, maybe write that great novel ...? I couldn't draw or paint to save my life. Seriously if I'd seen a UFO or something and the authorities said can you draw it, my drawing would be so bad the investigator would roll around laughing.
But around 15 years ago my wife bought me a camera and I found a way to create things I loved. Not long after getting that first camera, my church decided to run an arts and community program. So they asked for people who were interested in being involved and I said I'd do photography...
That was 15 years ago and the group I started evolved out of the church into its' own identity. It is called Coastlens and has a bunch of great people involved.
For me personally, I love people photography. Portraits, a bit of fashion style portraiture, glamour stuff that makes you feel good about yourself. Plus a few weddings a year, model portfolios and headshots for actors. As for me - I'm married to a wonderful girl - the one who bought me that first camera and encourages me today to keep learning and keep shooting. I have 5 kids that are grown up, 2 dogs and 3 kooky cats. 
During the day I'm the Marketing Manager for Gametraders Australia - I work with a bunch of great people and I publish a number of magazines ... you can see them here including one for Photographers!
Finally I'd like to finish by inviting you to let me photograph your wedding.. or your family portraits, whatever it is you'd like. I bring a fresh look to photos, I try to keep them very real and fun and happy. I want to reflect you at this time in your life. Thanks for reading... 
(that's me at the very bottom of the page - thanks Nathan for the pic)
Thank you!

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