A touch of glam...

"If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous"

(Scarlett Johansson)

I really love doing pinup and photos with a glam feel. I love how people react when they see themselves with their hair and make up done, and we take a few photos to get warmed up on the day of the shoot. I see it all the time... the hesitation at first, the lack of self confidence, the nerves. Then, after a few minutes of shooting, things change. You change... you become the glamorous girl you really are. No matter what age. I've worked in media all my life, I have published magazines for cosplayers and for photographers and one thing that is common on just about every photo shoot is people's belief that they are not attractive. That they can't look like the girl or guy in a magazine. And that is the mistaken belief, that someone that's had amazing hair and make up done on them, plus beautiful lighting and an experienced photographer, is better than they are.

Every photo on my site is of a regular person. A girl who has collaborated with me to do a shoot. We plan, we exchange ideas and we get all the basics in place. Good make up, good hair and so on. Then you really do become the glamorous person you really are.

Want to know more or have questions - contact me here and let's plan a shoot.