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I'm in my 50s, I'm married and have 5 adult children. I also have a bunch of pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats. One of my cats is called "Little Puss" and is bigger then the others so I don't know why I call him Little...


I got into photography around 15 years ago, but did actually do some film shooting as a teen at school. I never explored photography til I was older. My wife bought me a camera because I kept "borrowing" her point and shoot Canon on one particular holiday. I fell in love with capturing light and shadows.


From there I fell in love with taking photos of people. I loved seeing people smile at their pictures and when they didn't like a photo I worked hard to understand where I could improve. Sometimes it was the photo and sometimes, often, it was they (the subject) didn't like their own image.


I understand that, not all of us are happy with how we look, but the right photo, with the right emotion can make you accept how you look. So that was my goal, to discover the best ways to create images that make people happy.


I've photographed amazing people from burlesque performers, actors, sports people, bands and musicians. I've done maternity and pinup style photos. I've done boudoir and often they've been for a partner, but often for the person to feel good about themselves. I photograph models and when asked recently why I don't charge much if at all for models, I thought about it and said : I know of too many creeps who buy a camera to take pictures of pretty girls. I find that nasty. I would prefer to not charge and help out by taking photos and I try and have a friend (female) along to assist and take photos too so that models always feel comfortable.


I love traveling and capturing moments I see as I wander. Photography has been my friend, my outlet my passion.


That's about it - if you like what I've put up here and want to contact me - please do.

Kind regards



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Thanks Nathan Tan for taking this - it's one of those times I don't mind a picture of myself.

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